how safe is this site? 🤔

Whether that you have doubts about the quality of the product or the safety of your money, about those two issues I can tell you this site its as safe as the payments methods as it uses, thats why we use a Paypal Buy button so you can get your money back if you don't receive the product or if you are not satisfied with it. By the other hand we have Excelville which is a pain in the ass for me becouse they have 30 days of  warranty and they release the payment after the day 7 of each month so I get the money 2 months late in some cases (they also take 30% of comission), but the customer feels safe so whatever.

BUT THERE IS MORE: if you still don't trust a paypal button on some random blogspot site and a link to buy on that thing called Excelville which is not well known either, Then you can order this exact same Excel spreadseet on one on my Fiverr Gigs . I also do all kind of spreadsheets from Sports betting odds (Kelly Criteria) to electric power systems and all kinds of things, just make sure you contact me there before making your order.

I'm a human like you so all the emails even the ones that you send to me through the Contact Button are answered with a regular email address from gmail, I can't afford a private domain for this site, so I sorry if that turn you off.

Finally about the promotion of this website: One of my method for promoting this site is the use of some twitter bots accounts with some cute girls on the profile picture, so if you came here because you though that could get the heart of some random young lady by buying an excel file, well I fell bad for you then, those girls are just promoting my stuff.

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