Hire me at fiverr

Now I that I have a fiverr account I can offer you some other services like these:

I will make IDF Curves Excel spreadsheet with your climate data

My classic IDF spreadsheet but translated to your language, setup with your rainfall or intensity data, adapted to your needs with any other suggestion or request that you could add. Check it out Here

I will design excel spreadsheet solutions to your problems:

If you have an Idea, a problem or some need and you think that It could be solved with an Excel spreadsheet that make your life and your work a little easier, then this Gig may interest you. From your taxes calculations to your Cash flow, Hydrological data processing, and some other things you can come up. make an order here

Finally the Classic Data Collection to Excel or Google sheets

300 cells per $5.

You can get them per $5 each limited time offer just because Im starting on fiverr.

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